Obert Associates 32 Lyman Barnes Road Brimfield MA 01010 978-502-9166 obert@aol.com
Obert Associates32 Lyman Barnes Road Brimfield  MA 01010978-502-9166obert@aol.com

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Here's what people are saying about Obert Associates.

 "In the short time that I have seen Keith, I have realized an immediate and wonderful improvement in my life. I now have some very effective tools to use when stressful situations arise. Keith is a kind patient and insightful taskmaster using a research based method to help me. I leave each session tired and at the same time looking forward to more work with him. I can give no stronger recommendation to anyone or any program."

"I was skeptical at first, and was prepared for failure.  How could therapy heal such painful wounds? Through hard work, Keith's guidance and persistence, I am now on a healing path! I'm afraid to think what would happen if I had never made an appointment here."

"Keith sets the bar when it comes to useful therapy. His calm, nonjudgmental presence, excellent clinical skill and knowledge, and humorous down to earth style have made this process extremely productive and valuable to me. I have come away from each session with concrete, real life skills that we can use."


"Keith tells it like it is with compassion and a straightforward and understandable manner.  He has taught me how my brain works and how life works.  His advice has been life changing."

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